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Recovery Of Missing Malaysian Jet To Stretch Limits Of Technology | Reuters

“The ocean is a noisy place,” said Davis-Marks, former commander of a sister vessel to British hunter-killer submarine HMS Tireless which has been dispatched to assist in the search. “There is noise from everything, whether it’s the ambient noise of the weather at the surface, or marine life like whales or the snapping noise of shrimps, not to mention other sea transport and low-flying aircraft.” ROBOT ON STANDBY Plotting pings from the recorders is a comparatively simple task in shallow waters. At depths of up to 4,500 metres, the challenge is acute. Not only is that twice the range of the recorders’ pinger, but the deeper the water, the harder it is to juggle vertical and horizontal angles, with the risk that readings become blurred. The range of the pinger is limited because it uses a relatively high frequency of 37.5 KHz. In water, high-frequency sounds travel shorter distances, meaning the pinger signals can travel only 2,000-3,000 metres. To bring the U.S.