Monthly Archives: March 2014

Hands On: T-mobile’s Free International Roaming

Rather than the welcome text message telling me my usage was covered, I got one that said Welcome to United Kingdom. CAUTION: For specific rates and info call us… Was I back to paying a lot of money for my data? Should I disable roaming? I tried to check on the T-Mobile app in the phone, but it wouldnt connect. It kept telling me there was no data connection, despite being online. T-Mobile later told me the message I got was their error, served up by mistake, and that too should now be fixed.

Wpa2 Wireless Security Cracked

The potential for a third party to eavesdrop on the broadcast signals between devices is ever present. By contrast a wired network is intrinsically more secure because it requires a physical connection to the system in order to intercept packets of data. For the sake of convenience, however, many people are prepared to compromise on security. Until now, the assumption was that the risk of an intruder breaching a wireless network secured by the WPA2 system was adequately protected. Tsitroulis and colleagues have now shown this not to be the case. If setup correctly, WPA2 using pre-shared key (PSK) encryption keys can be very secure. Depending on which version is present on the wireless device it also has the advantage of using strong encryption based on either the temporal key integrity protocol (TKIP) or the more secure counter mode with cipher block chaining message authentication code protocol (CCMP).

T-mobile’s New Simple Choice Plans: More Data For More Money

Seems T-Mobile uses the same dictionary as Straight Talk. Seriously I wish Verizon would bring back unlimited data because it would take less than week for all those whiners figure why you can’t have it. Then they’ll be bitching about there slow ass connection if they can connect at all. Oh and on Verizon and At&t yes they can hear me because there is actual service. T-Mobile? Hmm yes driving 40 miles to use my “unlimited data” sounds like fun. NOT.